Wednesday, July 9, 2008

City of Enoch Language Project -- Explanation

One of the characteristics of the Tower of Babel is the division of language and the lack of understanding in communication. The fact that languages were changed and people were scattered is THE main idea of the Tower of Babel, at least the one that has stuck most memorably in our minds down through the ages for those of us who know the story at all.

The City of Enoch is the reverse. There is one language and/or all can be communicated to in their language. There is no exclusion because of language. Language and communication are arguably the most important elements of the unity aspect of The City of Enoch concept.

One of the things that I believe we all need to realize is that we need to be willing to do some hard work. There is no other way to go about this. We need to do some hard work of learning all the languages on the earth. It's a very possible goal, but effort is needed, and willingness to put forth the effort.

Thus, I will be posting in regards to the City of Enoch Language Project from time to time. I will be teaching you to speak all the languages of the world. I will be learning along with you. Each post will be in order to learn a word or phrase or principle in all languages all at once. If you see that I am missing a language in the list, then please mention that to me so I can correct that and add it into the project. It is going to take some research on my part anyway to know what all the languages on the earth are, and that will take some time, so the project will be a work-in-progress no matter what. But I would love your input.

Unfortunately at this time we will not be learning written language or alphabets. Therefore, I will be posting pronunciations in the alphabet that is used for English (and many other languages), even for those languages for which that is normally not the written format (i.e. Persian, Chinese). I hope you will forgive me. Perhaps in the future, I can teach written language.

I am editing to add that there are between 5,000 and 10,000 languages on the earth. Obviously, I am not going to teach that many. However, I will build my list to possibly a few hundred of the major ones.

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