Thursday, July 3, 2008

The City of Enoch OR The Tower of Babel . . .

The Tower of Babel is . . .

Individuals have no worth other than in terms of materialism and animalism.

The destruction of plants and animals in the name of materialism.

The harming and oppression and degradation of women.


Violation of agency.

Division according to language. Lack of communication and understanding.

The City of Enoch is . . .

The individual son or daughter of God is precious, priceless and of infinite worth.

Full of exquisite, life-filled gardens.

The liberty and safety and cherishing of women.


Agency is held sacred.

Unity according to language. Abundance of communication and understanding.

[I will add to these descriptions as I think of things; it's a long list. I may explain each of these things in detail, or I may allow my further posts to implicitly illuminate.]

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